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Chruch+Design, Church-Builder, Chruch+ConstructionBGW Founder,  Daniel Cook  

Dan’s story of faith began when he accepted the Lord   Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in 1986. The Lord blessed Dan with a period of hardships that softened his heart to Christ’s love.

In 1995, Dan took a leave of absence from his architectural practice to 
devote himself full-time to building Christian Heritage School (CHS) in Riverdale, Utah. This project proved to be a pivotal point in Dan’s career and many of the core BGW principles of stewardship and ministry were first practiced there. 

Following the completion of CHS, Dan began developing the Building God’s Way concept through repeated contact with schools and churches who
sought his advice. In 1998, Dan made the life- changing decision to give up his secular architectural work and commit the company solely to designing and building Christian churches and schools.

Mission Statement

To build God’s Kingdom by translating the God-given ministry vision of Christian organizations through high-quality, cost-effective buildings and to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ on our job sites through the BGW Ministry of Construction program.

Building God's Way History


The architectural firm of Daniel Cook Architect began as a construction company in 1972. In 1975, owner Dan Cook became a registered architect and began his pursuit of architectural excellence while providing cost-effective solutions. The company designed and built hundreds of projects with an estimated value in excess of $500 million in the western intermountain region between 1975 and 1995. During this time, the company developed an expertise in cost-effective design and construction.


Dan Cook committed the company to Building God’s Way in 1998 on the foundations of honoring God while providing stewardship of ministry resources and award winning architecture. Disengaging from his secular client base, he dissolved the construction company and focused solely on the design of Christian schools and churches across the country. In late 2003, the architecture firm was reorganized under the BGW Services umbrella, with architectural services presented by the firm Daniel Cook Architect.  Over the next several years, BGW Services would establish key partnerships with industry leaders in the areas of church fundraising (BGW Forward in Faith), church growth (BGW Vibrant / Positioning Your Church), church and Christian school financing (BGW Financial) and Christian school / non-profit fundraising (BGW Development).      



Company Overview


Building God’s Way has its national headquarters in Ogden, Utah. The firm employs architects, MEP engineers, intern architects, designers, drafters, project managers, and personnel in the departments of Business Development, Marketing, Accounting, IT Networking and Administration. With a design portfolio that includes more than 10 million square feet of educational and worship space, BGW has generated more than $1 billion in construction revenue since 1998. BGW architectural designs range in size from 4,000 square feet up to multi-building campuses of more than 190,000 SF.


Both of the partners in the company, Dan Cook and Don Mahoney, are evangelical Christians and members in good standing with their respective professional associations.  The partners are fully committed to the increase of beautiful and functional Christian worship and education space nationwide.


Since its inception, Building God’s Way has provided architectural services to nearly 600 ministry-based organizations across the country, representing well over $1 billion in facility construction. 


Founding architect Dan Cook holds an NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) certification and is licensed in 48 states. These licenses cover the contiguous states and the District of Columbia. 


Click here to see some of our award-winning church designs.

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