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Church-Builders, Church-Architects, Church-Construction,BGW


Building God's Way Services, 2909 Washington Boulevard, Ogden UT 84401, 800-552-7137
Church-Builders, Church-Architects, Church-Construction,BGW

Questions all churches should ask before embarking on a building project.

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Church-Builders, Church-Architects, Church-Construction, BGW




  Building God's Way offers a network of services exclusively to Christian ministries. BGW has worked with hundreds of churches, Christian schools and colleges nationwide and has become a recognized leader in the areas of church design / church architecture and church building / church construction. BGW delivers a consistent 20-30% savings compared to typical church design and church building methods. An aggressive stewardship-based process focuses on lowering both up-front costs and long-term operation and maintenance costs on each facility. In addition to its expert team of unique partnerships with faith-based church builders across the country, BGW has also developed an unparalleled network of kingdom building services that extend to the areas of engineering, worship technology, growth coaching, vision casting, fundraising, financing, leadership development and more.  

Building God's Way Services | 2909 Washington Boulevard | Ogden, UT 84401 | 800.552.7137

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